Your Ultimate Guide to Spring Racing Carnival 2016

Spring Racing Carnival 2016: The Ultimate Guide | Spring Carnival Dresses | Spring Racing Dresses | Track Mode Horse Racing and Fashion

It’s Spring Racing Carnival 2016 and once again, we’re captivated by the breathtaking drama on the racecourse. It’s another chance for race horses to make a name for themselves, both the household favourites and the relative unknowns. Maybe we’ll see ourselves a legend this year, maybe we won’t. Who knows? Anything is possible.

On a lighter note, we fashion-forward fillies will once again treat ourselves to the very best of racing fashion: race day dresses from the best Australian designers, headpieces from the most well-loved milliners, and accessories that range from the prestigious fashion houses to the cutting-edge indie brands.

This season, Track Mode has prepared everything you’ll ever need to get the most out of Spring Racing Carnival 2016 — what to wear to the races (from our race day fashion edits), where to go, and interviews and insights from the most important personalities in Australian horse racing. We’ll even teach you the basics of betting and owning a race horse. Enjoy!

Featured Interviews:



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